Personalizing Your Kindle

My Kindle Cover

When I bought my Kindle, I also ordered the Patagonia Kindle cover, which is all black polyester. It’s a great cover, but it’s a little bland. The only embellishment it ships with is a little Patagonia label, which I cut off with my pocket knife some months ago.

That’s when I got the idea that I wanted to personalize my Kindle a bit. Stickers wouldn’t work because they’d peel right off, and a regular sew-on patch would be a trick because (a) I’m not much for sewing, and (b) there’s a pocket on the inside of the cover that would have required something my sister referred to as a “lift stitch.”

Then Danielle told me about this stuff called Stitch Witchery, which is available at craft and fabric stores. It turns any patch into an iron-on patch. That was my “duh” moment. I hadn’t even thought about iron-ons. Problem solved. Now I’m keeping an eye out for something super cool for the back…