6 Replies to “Exploding Thermos”

  1. hey,
    i work at a coffee shop up here in kodiak alaska and this just happened to me yesterday. again.
    we have gone through three or four explosions, and yes, i have almost pooped my pants too each and every time… what is up??? we are not running a meth lab (what a weird comment) and i am getting a little pissed off at these exploding hot pots… we thought it was the cleaning solution for coffee pots so we stopped using it, any idea why these are blowing up???

  2. I just had the same thing happen to me this morning with the thermos pump pot that you have, i had a volcano of glass and coffee everywhere. I was dumb founded, and just stood there and watched the coffee all over the place. i poured the coffee in and stepped away to get the stem, as i was about to insert the stem it exploded. i just contacted thermos, and left a message since it is a weekend. we will see what they will do about this.

  3. My wife just called me and said the exact same thing happened to her only she just poured one cup of coffee into the thermos and as she placed the pump in, the whole thing exploded! Have had that thermos for 5 years and never had a problem. I’m an afternoon drive radio personality in Palm Springs, CA and this makes for great radio! Gonna have to by another one I guess!

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