The Stand – A Review

The Stand (Expanded Edition) The Stand by Stephen King

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Great book. King knows how to write a very good yarn: his characters are well-defined, sympathetic, and believable.

He also knows how to draw you into the story, into the world. He provides enough detail, but not too much. And he’s never boring. At least not here.

The Stand looks at what might happen after a terrible plague, but it’s not cold and cynical. King believes in things beyond what we can see first hand, things beyond what we can determine scientifically. He understands that some people believe things very strongly, that some people are agnostic, and that some people are full of doubt, and his characters portray that.

My only complaint about King is that he’s all story. There’s nothing deeper. No style. But every once in a while, that’s all I want: just a really good story.

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