The Unfinished

The New Yorker has a masterful piece on David Foster Wallace and his attempts to write the followup to Infinite Jest. He called the book The Pale King, and Little, Brown is going to publish it in 2010, even though it’s incomplete.

D.T. Max’s piece—The Unfinished—answers a lot of questions about Wallace’s final year, covering some of the same territory as David Lipsky’s piece in Rolling Stone, but it also offers new insights and details, especially with regard to the new book, and Wallace’s difficulties with it.

An excerpt—Wiggle Room—appears in the same issue. This will have to suffice until the rest of it comes out next year.

I don’t even know if it really matters that it’s unfinished. DFW had a tendency to leave his work unresolved, anyway. You take what he gives you. And he gave more than most.