The Foggy Path

While Lithium is in ‘the bottom drawer’ I thought it would be interesting to record the history — the process — of the thing. It’s maybe a little presumptuous of me to think anyone will be interested in this, but, for the sake of posterity…why not?

(I will here forcefully hold myself back from offering an in-depth history of myself as a writer.)

The working title for the early chapters of the novel was The Things We Leave Behind, which sounded rather grandiose and sufficiently all-encompassing, which is why I abandoned it. It was going to be an earnest, cinematic novel. The first sentence was going to be something like:

We open on Main Street, early morning. Parked cars line the silent street. The lights are on at the cafe.

I wanted to capture the energy of film somehow, but this proved difficult to sustain and I soon lapsed back into less stylized prose. Throughout much of 2003 I was stuck with this idea, though. I was just writing. I had no idea of character or plot, though these things slowly developed as I daydreamed about the narrator I’d created.